Nový videoklip Slová

Longital – Slová (video): 

Slová/Words is a song from new album MAUNA by LONGITAL released on 20th September 2019 on Slnko Records label. Album available at

„It's about a situation when one knows what to say but cannot find the right word. Asif I browsed for the word in a dictionary and the particular word I am looking for is erased, or feels awkward at the moment. Maybe a disorder or just an intuitive loss of vocabulary which aims at keeping me silent. Thus the silence enters my life and I accommodate in it. It's something that would come handy to many of us in these times." - Shina

Title : Slová / Words
Music by Longital - Marián Slávka, Daniel Salontay, Shina
Lyrics by Shina

Performed by Longital:
Shina - vocal, bass
Daniel Salontay - hammond guitar, loops
Marián Slávka - piano, drums

Orchestral arrangement Slavo Solovic
Mixed by Ondřej Ježek
Mastered by Tomáš Karásek 
Orchestral recording Igor Baar

directed and edited by Braňo Vincze
camera by Viktor Cicko

Characters in the video: Shina, Daniel Salontay, Marián Slávka, Michal Heriban

Visual concept and scene design Michal Heriban
Production Ondrej Geče