Long Live!

[Slnko records, 2010]

The album was recorded live 20th of May 2010 in the "A4 nultý priestor" club in Bratislava, Slovakia. Contains the songs from Gloria and Výprava/Voyage albums. Disponible only in MP3 format on http://www.slnkorecords.sk/sr_album.php?id=75, just click on the link Stiahnuť zadarmo. It's free.

Played live by Longital:
Shina – vocals, bass
Daniel Salontay – vocals, guitar, bow on guitar, piano on Lemur
Xi di nim & Lemur Jazz mutant - beats, samples and loops

1. Som modré more / I Am a Blue Sea
2. Už len raz / One Last Time
3. Zrkadlo / Mirror
4. Anjel môj / Angel Mine
5. Slnko stúpa / The Sun is Rising
6. My dve / The Two of Us
7. Mlyny / Mills
8. Červená modrá / Red and Blue
9. Ladenie gitary / Tunning the Guitar
10. Berlin Grenoble Arles
11. Drzka / Bold Girl
12. Na mori / On the Sea
13. Gloria

Long Live!