US Tour including SXSW Austin a CMW Toronto

[December, 2011]

We are excited to receive an invitation to the most prestigoius SXSW Festival in Austin followed by the Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto. Concerts, conferences, workshops, exhibitions focusing on quality music.

Tour schedule:


2012 behind the door

[December, 2011]

As the end of the concert season approaches, we have some very special shows, e.g. in the Prague's National Theatre with visuals by VJ Kurik Brothers, or Concert with dancers at the Dance Studio in Banska Bystrica. And the year 2012 is sending us ahead some great news: Longital will play SXSW Austin and Canadian Music Fest in March! The announced end of the world is seemingly delayed, so we will gladly spin the propellers over the great puddle once again.


The last sun rays of the indian summer

[October, 2011]

On the 6th of October we set off to a pupkin field west of Bratislava with Filmmaker Jan Šebík and Photographer Jaro Ridzoň. It was really in the nick of time as that day appeared to be the last day of the warmest indian summer in the past 100 years. The pumpkins were ripening, the wind was blowing and the camreas were oozing and clicking until the very last ray of sunshine. The photos came out beautiful, and the film material is just being edited these days.


Concerts, concerts and again concerts

[September, 2011]

We are slowly approaching the main concert season, in the section concerts we are updating dates, places and details almost on daily basis. We are equally excited about the sold out show with Soap&Skin at Vienna's Stadtsaal opening the Waves Vienna Festival , joint "2x2 Tour" with the charming duo Zapaska from Ukraine, opening shows for the amazing Tatabojs on their "?


Late summer show

[August, 2011]

Late summer evenings in the old town of Bratislava have their charms. We are happy to play show at Music Gallery u Dezmara on Klariska street on the 6th September. Beautiful club in the cetnre for all music lovers. Details here

Music Gallery u Dežmára
Klariská 1, Bratislava - Staré Mesto
Čas - Time: 20:30
Lístky - Tickets: 5/7 EUR
predredaj - buy :


Longital at Exit Festival Novi Sad

[July, 2011]

Announcing the last minute addition to our tour calendar - we will play our Balkan premiere at one of the most beautiful festivals in the Central Europe : This Sunday 10th July, Exit Festival Novi Sad, Exit Music Live stage, show start @ 22:00.

more info :


A recording made in duvets for Iva Bittova a Pavel Fajt

[June, 2011]

Longital has reinterpreted the song "Periny/Duvets" originally by Iva Bittová Pavel Fajt. Special recording was made on request for the compilation album “Brzo na mě přijde řada”, which is a tribute to the legendary music scene that emerged from the city of Brno. Longital's recording is placed alongside other artists from Czech Republic (Dva, Midilidi, Květy, OTK, Bonus a LineUp, Čokovoko aj.), Poland (Napszyklat), Slovakia (Pjoni) and UK (Alex Mountaineer). Staying true to the track title "Duvets", our recording was made in bed. Listen to the beats and sounds made in the pillows here:


Longital will perform at Art Film Festivale on the 23rd June 2011

[May, 2011]

This is quite a short notice. Longital will perfrom at Art film Festival in Trenčianske Teplice on the 23rd June 2011. From the festival Bulletin: "Thursday's audience of the festival will be most probably astonished by the voyagers of sound, Longital. Expect mesmerizing voice of Shina, Salontay's breathtaking bow technique on the guitar and electronic creations on Lemur Jazz Mutant. Longital is one of the most original revelations emerging from Slovakia and earning recognition abroad.

date June 23
place Festival café
time 21:00


Violet Chic(k) by Longital - new ladies shirts

[May, 2011]

Dear Ladies, besides the fact that you enjoy our music, we have also decided to contribute to your summer wardrobe.
The shirt from brand new series "Violet Chic" is made from 100% Cotton, delicate with a decent print on the lower right side designed by Stefan Osciatka as he views us. Adjustable neckline lace, butterfly armsleeves, nicely loose around your waist and ready to cover your belly and bottom parts if needed. Convenient also for future moms :). Place your order by email at shina[at]


Longital / Dlhé diely - ten years after

[March, 2011]

Longital / Dlhé Diely are celebrating the 10th anniversary at the show at Mala Scena Theatre Bratislava on 14th April. Founding members Martin Zajko a Ajdži Sabo will sit in for this show.

Longital & Dlhé diely - two names, one music. Since 2001 when the band got together a lot of water has flown in the Danube River.